●Thank you very well done! They inspire me to move towards Christ and pick me up when I am down

●You are a gifted writer, The Wind Cries Mary was so moving and well researched.

●This is an excellent educational tool for learning the inner workings of the European Union and its various governing bodies. 
A well researched and documented review of the historical development of the EU with its inherent flaws. It exposes the fallacies and weaknesses of man's attempt to create the perfect governing body. The analysis creates an argument that dovetails plausibly with scriptural prophesy. An excellent read that you will not want to put down.

●I found this book's ideas to be very interesting. Whether you agree or not, the research and point of view is fascinating.

●Erika Grey has published a splendidly researched book called The Seat of the Antichrist:  Bible Prophecy and the European Union. I have never read anything so well-researched.

●Erika Grey employed excellent research in the writing of this book, as well as wisdom and creativity. Thanks for writing this book , it is not only a memorial but a wake up call.

●I must admit it was very difficult to put this book down. …A real life, well researched murder mystery, and in depth examination of these two horrible cases which unthinkably happened in the sleepy little NYC suburb.

●Stunning ,very well written book that concisely and carefully states the facts with compassion for those involved.