Suggested Questions

You say that you are tired of conspiracy theories from the past. Why do these seem to proliferate in Christendom?

You say the European Union is evolving into a crushing superpower. How so?

Why do you think historical events appear to be happening at a rapid speed unknown in previous generations?

When do you believe the Tribulation actually begins? What events occur first?

What leads you to believe God protects followers of Christ from the Great Tribulation?

You say the European Union’s policys are based on a  blueprint for global rule. Can you explain?

We hear a lot about globalization and the one-world government movement. The EU is never mentioned as part of that movement yet in your book you say they take the lead, how is this? 

To what extent is the currency of Europe – the Euro – part of the building of a European empire?

You say the Antichrist will be in a federation with ten “kings.” How does this relate to a 28 Nation European Union?

What does the signing of a peace treaty with Israel have to do with the Great Tribulation? And where does the EU fit in?

Where do you see the United States  during the Tribulation?

What do you say about the impending decline of the U.S. Do you think this is happening now?

Where do you see radical Islam and the role it plays in the end times?

At the end of your book you discuss some of the headlines we should be watching for. What are some of these?

How will we know the Antichrist, what are some of the details the Bible gives us about him that are often overlooked?

You say that the New World Order is past tense and we are in the age of empires, how does the EU fit in and how does this line with Bible Prophecy?

What are some of the most overlooked facts US citizens fail to know about the EU and how does this fit in with Bible Prophecy?

Why do students of prophecy need to know about European Federalism?