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Erika Grey has built an audience of those who follow end time Bible Prophecy and is one of Bible Prophecy’s topics leading experts. She is listed in Sound Christian’s Who’s Who of Bible Prophecy and her blog was rated by Feedspot as one of the top 50 prophecy blogs on the internet. She was extended an invite by Amazon to their invitation only influencer program due to the size of her network.


Erika has authored eight books, and has her own author page on Amazon, Goodreads and open library. She is listed in Alchetron’s online social encyclopedia, was mentioned in an article in the New Yorker and the Christian Post and in other publications.  Erika Grey has spoken on numerous radio stations in the US, Canada and Europe and was even featured on Coast to Coast radio.


Erika Grey has written for Yahoo News, Global Watch weekly and articles  on Blogactiv, the blogging site for Euractiv a leading EU policy website.  Erika is a member of the society of professional journalists.  She is the first US prophecy teacher to cross over and interview high level EU politicians and attend EU political events.


 Erika Grey began her work/ministry in the fall of 2009. She would provide what was lacking in the area of Bible Prophecy teachings and that was actual geopolitical analysis along with sound Biblical teaching. For this reason Erika labeled herself as a Biblical Magi  or “wise woman” after  the Magi at the time of Herod who were the academia of their day and to whom Christ referred to in Matthew 23:34 … I send you prophets, wise men, and scribes..”  Erika also shed light  on the Biblical Magi  and wrote a detailed article detailing the significance of their gifts and their relation to the the herbal formulations given to Moses, which even theologians missed in their teachings on the Magi. On the prophetic forecasts Erika has uncovered many similar types of discoveries. originated at a time that the internet tripled in size rendering many blogs invisible on the internet. ranks within the first seven pages of Google under bible prophecy news and bible prophecy updates and has first to second page ranking for prophecy talk and other key terms relating to the end times.  On Russia’s  search engine Yandex Erika’s blog ranks within the first three pages for many Bible Prophecy terms and her ranking even better on Russia’s Yandex than Google with Russia as one of her primary areas of readership. 

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Erika is the author of 8 books, which include the Magi Report, which are Status reports on End Time Bible Prophecy.

Erika has written for Yahoo News and for Global Watch Weekly.  She also writes for BlogActiv eu, an EU news and policy website. 

Erika is a member of the society of professional journalists. 

Erika hosts  (Bible) Prophecy Talk on Youtube 

Erika Attended Liberty University, Baptist Bible College East 

Erika completed the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management Professional Trading Masterclass with a grade of Distinction

Erika Grey is listed in Sound Christian's Who's Who of Bible Prophecy  

Evangelical Christian for 40 years (testimony)

Erika Grey has amassed a strong social network of fans and followers. She has 98k + followers on Twitter, over 4,200 likes on Facebook, over 7.2k followers on Instagram, 6.000k on LinkedIn and over 1k on Goodreads.  2,600+ YouTube subscribers. Erika's website averages about 10-13k hits a month and ranks on the first pages of Russia's Yandex and Yahoo.  It ranks in the first 5 pages of Google.

Erika was invited by Amazon into their invitation only Influencer Program

Erika's blog was rated top 50 prophecy blogs by Feedspot

Erika Grey's most recent book

Whore of Babylon in Bible Prophecy: A Book of Revelation Mystery Revealed