Erika is the author of 8 books, which include the Magi Report, which are Status reports on End Time Bible Prophecy.

Erika has written for Yahoo News and for Global Watch Weekly.  She also writes for BlogActiv eu, an EU news and policy website. 

Erika is a member of the society of professional journalists. 

Erika hosts  (Bible) Prophecy Talk on Youtube and Bible Prophecy Minutes Podcasts and Eye on the EU Insider Interviews

Erika Attended Liberty University, Baptist Bible College East 

Erika completed the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management Professional Trading Masterclass with a grade of Distinction

Erika Grey is listed in Sound Christian's Who's Who of Bible Prophecy  and in Wikipedia

Evangelical Christian for 39+ years (testimony)

Erika Grey has amassed a strong social network of fans and followers. She has 74k + followers on Twitter, over 3,900 likes on Facebook, over 7.2k followers on Instagram, 5.000k on LinkedIn and over 1k on Goodreads.  1,800+ YouTube subscribers. Erika's website averages about 500 hits a day.

Erika Grey's most recent book

Decoding 666 The Number of the Beast
 The Magi Report-Vol..1
An Analysis of Bible Prophecy & Technology A Status Report & Forecast