Tuesday, November 12, 2013

About Erika Grey

Erika Grey's Prophecy Talk Features Erika's books, Blogs and YouTube 
Broadcasts. As a journalist and commentator, Erika focuses on current affairs, and their relation to Bible Prophecy. Erika Grey provides Bible Prophecy Updates that fit geopolitically. 

Within Evangelical circles, 
Erika Grey is the leading authority on the EU and Bible Prophecy, which is evidenced by her exposes and books on the European Union, for which Erika speaks on radio shows across the US. Erika first coined the term "geopolitical" in relation to Bible Prophecy, which is now used in writings by leading prophecy experts. Erika Grey hosts "(Bible) ProphecyTalk", and Bible Prophecy Minutes Podcasts on YouTube.  

What Differentiates Erika Grey from other Bible Prophecy Experts Who Report on The End Times?

Analytic Approach

Sound Research From Recognized Sources


Emphasis on Geopolitical vs. Conspiracy theories

Expert in EU affairs

"Nearly all leading prophecy experts are theologians who do not have the time to spend researching world affairs. Many adopt conspiracy theories or rely on news headlines and fail to provide accurate information on current events and their relation to Bible  Prophecy ."

                                  Erika Grey